Crowded Precinct 4-8 caucus

CLEARLY BARACK OBAMA’S campaign in Minnesota out-organized Hillary Clinton’s. Large numbers of people who have not attended a caucus before showed up last night, registered, voted for their Presidentialpreference and went home. Unfortunately it’s good these folks didn’t stay for the caucus because we were jammed into a hallway with the people who did remain behind. We had been assigned one very small classroom. More than 300 registered and voted in the Presidential preference portion of the Precinct 4-8 caucus.  

Photos from Precinct 4-8 Caucus, Saint Paul

Obama swamped Hillary in Minnesota and did even better in our very liberal precinct. I am thrilled at the number of new caucus participants who showed up last night, lined up patiently and waited as overwhelmed volunteers like me adapted and adjusted. There’s nothing but good in that turnout for the Democratic agenda nationally and the progressive agenda locally. So congratulations to the Obama people for running a successful campaign in Minnesota. Of course, it ain’t over yet. Hillary remains ahead by about a hundred delegates. Obama isn’t going to roll into the nomination on the Pink Bunny Express. If he wants it he is going to have to broaden his appeal. Latino and Asian American voters in California; white female and older voters (male and female) everywhere are not convinced. Maybe they are, like me, waiting to hear something a tad more specific about what he intends to do as President and how he intends to get it done. In the meantime, Hillary Clinton will keep slugging away earning the votes of people who are looking for substance in a Presidential candidate.

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