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Philadelphia Daily News | Posted Thursday, January 3

Woman dies while city botches EMS call

The story above appeared in the Philadelphia Daily News. PDN reporter Dave Davies follows up on Feb. 13 with this story on news that mayor is adding more Advanced Life Support units. “It’s aLove fest news conference at City Hall good, positive first step,” said Brian McBride, president of the firefighters union. “It’s about 25 percent of what we need.” Meaning Philly residents are incrementally safer. A memorial service for Debbie took place Saturday, Feb. 16th. Davies attended the service.

If you wish to make your feelings known regarding the state of EMS in Philadelphia (even if you don’t live there, you’re a prospective tourist, right?), here is a link to the City Council directory.

KYW TV stories

Walt Hunter, an investigative reporter with KYW TV, has taken an interest in Debbie as well. Here is a list of his coverage on Philly’s EMS emergency:

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