Feb 08

Crowded Precinct 4-8 caucus

CLEARLY BARACK OBAMA’S campaign in Minnesota out-organized Hillary Clinton’s. Large numbers of people who have not attended a caucus before showed up last night, registered, voted for their Presidential Continue reading “Crowded Precinct 4-8 caucus” »

Feb 08

National town meeting

Last night Hillary Clinton’s campaign conducted its National Town Meeting with live questions from all of the states having Super Tuesday contests. We had one of the home parties where supporters gather to watch the Continue reading “National town meeting” »

Jan 08

For President – Hillary Clinton

WHEN I VISIT MY SISTER who lives in Canada or talk with friends who live in the UK or New Zealand there is one thing they all can take for granted: What they’re going to do if they get sick. But for all of us in the United States we either have a job that offers affordable health insurance or we don’t. And if the latter, we are Continue reading “For President – Hillary Clinton” »