Effectiveness of Heffalump traps

According to my friend is back there in Albany County, the temperature is minus five degrees. Based on the photograph she supplied on her Facebook profile the snow is fresh and the horses are dressed in hoarfrost. And I am supposed to leave and return there tomorrow by way of the 20 Mule Team crossing Ronnie Reagan’s death valley hauling  a load of sodium borate. Goal: To keep the cost of running The Beast below a respectable 50 cents per mile. 

It’s exciting hitting the road with $140 worth of food loaded into the fridge and pantry. I am sorry to admit that much of it is frozen meals. I won’t have the means to meaningfully prepare food until I can raid my own kitchen in Sun Chase Village (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it). 

I will be plenty busy learning about this remarkable machine that is both home and means of transport. Will I be like the Lone Ranger and Tonto appearing from behind a Cretaceous Strata? Who was that masked man someone asks. “Hi ho Silver away” and he races across a landscape impossible for me to imagine as a kid living in suburban Philadelphia. 

I have been thinking about a name for my new home on wheels. Heartbreak Hotel? Dylan likes The Heffalump a never-seen creature in Winnie the Poo stories but for whom Heffalump traps are laid. 

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