Jan 09

Questions for which there will be no answers

Jean gets a closeup from the "Blue" standing area

Jean gets a closeup from the "Blue" standing area

NOW THAT HE’S GONE, I suppose we can begin reflecting on the eight years during which George W. Bush was our President … of the United States … of America. It really happened, right? All of those images flash by at warp speed. Mission Accomplished. Clearing brush down on the ranch in Crawford, Texas. As I review these things I can’t help but ask myself a very simple question: WHY?

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Feb 08

Crowded Precinct 4-8 caucus

CLEARLY BARACK OBAMA’S campaign in Minnesota out-organized Hillary Clinton’s. Large numbers of people who have not attended a caucus before showed up last night, registered, voted for their Presidential Continue reading →

Jan 08

For President – Hillary Clinton

WHEN I VISIT MY SISTER who lives in Canada or talk with friends who live in the UK or New Zealand there is one thing they all can take for granted: What they’re going to do if they get sick. But for all of us in the United States we either have a job that offers affordable health insurance or we don’t. And if the latter, we are Continue reading →