Dec 08

Christmas 2008

Dylan can crack a bubble out of a piece of Dentine

Dylan can crack a bubble out of a piece of Dentine

HOW ABOUT A SHORT HOLIDAY LETTER. The tone of things gets set in January when Patrick flys to Bozeman, Montana for the first and last job interview of 2008. Montana State University it is and we begin a really complicated move that involves five or six car trips and now, in the waning days of 2008, a U-Haul truck. Three guys and a truck. Dylan, Malcolm and Patrick. In between these bookends we have a story of transition. Wendy performs her usual miracle and manages to get an offer in response to the first resume she sends out. So now she’s working in this drop-dead-gorgeous setting in Gallatin Gateway (named for the debarcation place for train-traveling Yellowstone tourists). A small school with about 20 employees. She’s doing virtually the same thing as in St. Paul. Continue reading →

Dec 07

2007 the year loaded with local news

TO HEAR THE MINNEAPOLIS Star Tribune tell it, local news rules the day. Wall Street burped and this once venerable institution rolled over and filled its front pages with local interest. The story is not dissimilar here at 1636. Lots of local news. To get the full scoop, CLICK HERE. But you’ll need a password you will have received from me by e-mail.

Mariah and Dan

Dan and Mariah with special news for the family