Nov 07

Thanksgiving at our house

IT’S A REAL PLEASURE to have both O’Learys and Bronsons at our house for Thanksgiving. And, by way of Skype, Billings O’Learys giving greetings to Grammy!

Oh we did pack ’em in!

Nov 07

Home maintenance nightmares

DO YOU HAVE HOME MAINTENANCE NIGHTMARES? I do. I have them at night. When I’m sleeping. Honest to goodness nightmares regarding things that, fortunately, are not nightmares in real life. Dreams tend to disappear (poof!) when you wake up the next morning so I have to write quickly before my faint memories go away. In real life I am recalling that yesterday I was leaning out a window on my stair landing grabbing at a few vines that are on their way toward eating my roof. My dream surrounds the notion of this same window leaking air around the frame. The window is only a few years old and so it is in my dream. Upon further inspection I find that the window is leaning out at a crazy angle toward my neighbors. Daylight and wind pouring in all around it. Continue reading “Home maintenance nightmares” »