Aug 07

Wendy responds to concerned friends

Hi you guys-
thanks for you note, Jean. Yes our family and friends are ok here. My sister-in-law’s mother approached the bridge 10 minutes after it went down, traffic obviously was being re-routed at that point. creepy.  Continue reading →

Aug 07

Incremental Terrorism

HI All … Yes, the gov and Norm Coleman showed a unified front even as they spoke in separate news conferences. They even used the identical phrase when speaking of the victims and their families “who were impacted.”

But even more painful than their horrendous choice of language is their insistence on methodically eroding the quality of life in this state (to echo what Patrick said about the neglect, the cuts).   Continue reading →

Jul 07

Avoiding Bondage

In the interest of helping the lady of the house with a bit of material management, the actress/professional organizer is on the scene demonstrating some of her unique skills.

This assistance is appreciated. However, at times the whole process can be a bit difficult. This is originally posted on YouTube and has had more than the usual number of views, possibly owing to a certain double entendre.

Dec 06

Secret Santa