Aug 08

Travel Montana

IT IS NOT OFTEN I get to have my family accompany me on business travels so it is a rare treat to have the gang along on two trips around the Great State of Montana.

It’s not hard to put on the miles. The Great Circle Trip as I’m calling it adds up to about 970 miles between business and non-business activity. And that keeps us in the western third of the state! We also take a short trip to Helena included in this slideshow.

Jan 08

In Montana

PATRICK VISITS MONTANA and takes quite a few photos.

See them above. Click somewhere on there to go to Picasa and view a slideshow.

Nov 07

Thanksgiving at our house

IT’S A REAL PLEASURE to have both O’Learys and Bronsons at our house for Thanksgiving. And, by way of Skype, Billings O’Learys giving greetings to Grammy!

Oh we did pack ’em in!

Nov 06

Photo Page

Choice photos

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May 04

At the Highland Park High School Prom

PHOTO Title: Grand March