Jan 11

Are we going to just let this keep happening?

Living for 32 – Trailer from Living for 32 on Vimeo.

Living for 32 is the inspirational story of Colin Goddard, a survivor of the tragic gun shooting massacre which occurred on the Virginia Tech campus, April 16th, 2007. The winning combination of Colin’s passion, charisma and optimism has commanded the attention of the American public and media since the devastating incident which left 32 dead and 17 injured. In Living for 32, Colin shares an intimate account of terror he and his classmates endured and the courageous journey of renewal and hope he chose to pursue.


Directed by: Kevin Breslin
Produced by: Maria Cuomo Cole
Edited by: Garrett Sergeant
Director of Photography: Luca Fantini
Music and Mix by: sync2picture/54 Sound

May 09

Birthday bizarities

It gets to the close of a friendly little family birthday party for Dylan and, well, things get just a tad out of hand. But then, you can see for yourself.

Birthday Bizarities from Patrick D. Sheehy on Vimeo.

It’s Dylan’s 24th birthday and things get a little out of hand after the birthday cake has been thoroughly enjoyed. No libations are involved (children are present after all) so no one can make excuses for his or her behavior (actually I don’t think there are any “hers” involved in this segment … other than laughing).

Apr 09

SUPER SIZE ME in the wild

Well worth seeing. On April 8th it came out on YouTube. If you want to see the larger screen version click through to YouTube rather than watching it on Lafondblog.

Jul 08

Hiking up to “the M”

BOZEMAN, MONT. — It is Dylan’s great aspiration to see “the M” up close and personal I suppose “because it’s there.” We take off on a beautiful day, just a tad warm but not too bad. And we do manage to experience a bit of nature. Ergo the video that follows.   

Just click on the arrow and it’ll start up. If you have a “Type A” personality, this will not be a good experience for you.

Oct 07

Enid and Fairhope

Enid reminiscing about growing up in Fairhope, Alabama.

Patrick and Enid at ECH

Sep 07

Visitors from another astral plane

WE ARE EXPECTING A SMALL GROUP of Hamline University students today, visiting our home as well as others to help dispel the notion that there is something not so good about this neighborhood. However, the Hamline students didn’t materialize leading Mariah to offer a theory of her own.

Aug 07

Going to Montana Soon!

Going to be a Dental Floss Tycoon.

Wendy off to her homeland.

Jul 07

Avoiding Bondage

In the interest of helping the lady of the house with a bit of material management, the actress/professional organizer is on the scene demonstrating some of her unique skills.

This assistance is appreciated. However, at times the whole process can be a bit difficult. This is originally posted on YouTube and has had more than the usual number of views, possibly owing to a certain double entendre.