Obama wins more caucuses

Caucuses are a great way to disenfranchise people.  They are chaotic and complicated, managed in the most rudimentary way and look nothing like an orderly and procedure driven election.

Winning a caucus is a way of proving you know how to win a caucus. Your campaign faithful can be prepared and trained to wait patiently in line for harried precinct volunteers to register and distribute little slips of paper. They will fight the traffic and the parking.  

THE GENERAL ELECTION coming up in the fall looks a whole lot more like, well, an election. Regular people come out because they know they probably won’t have to stand in line in an overcrowded hallway. In other words, one needs a broader appeal.

Where are those free washing machines?

I also wonder whether the full electorate can get behind the emotional mumbo jumbo of Barackism. Take a look at this article in an Australian paper.

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