Republican bankruptcy

The standard Republican game plan is definitely fraying around the edges. For the national government, endless war, no end to earmarks, tax cuts, no new taxes, and no government investment in the country and people that pay for it. A modified version has been working very well in Minnesota as well. Gov. Pawlenty made “the pledge.” No new taxes. And gleefully vetoed the first gasoline tax increase since the 1980s. That same bill included stepped up bridge inspections. Every time the DFL controlled legislature has offered any legislation that includes government investment in the work of government, Pawlenty had his veto pen at the ready.  

It’s all there in black and white. The Republican record of shame. And for this behavior Pawlenty was awarded high approval ratings by the voters. Time Magazine has hailed his “creative” solutions to problems. Three cheers for the governor who refuses to invest in his own state! Now as the dust settles around the stunning I-35W bridge collapse and divers continue their search for victims, the consequences of Republican malfeasance become evident. Pawlenty’s spokesman now says a special session of the legislature is “being considered” and reconsideration of the gas tax bill is “a possibility.” Democrats are saying a lot more things are a possibility as well. Such as reversing Pawlenty’s veto of the Local Government Aid bill.| Below – Bush visit to disaster site on Saturday.

Bush Visit to Twin Cities on Saturday

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