May 09

Birthday bizarities

It gets to the close of a friendly little family birthday party for Dylan and, well, things get just a tad out of hand. But then, you can see for yourself.

Birthday Bizarities from Patrick D. Sheehy on Vimeo.

It’s Dylan’s 24th birthday and things get a little out of hand after the birthday cake has been thoroughly enjoyed. No libations are involved (children are present after all) so no one can make excuses for his or her behavior (actually I don’t think there are any “hers” involved in this segment … other than laughing).

May 09

Bozeman’s Wall

GO FOR A JAUNT SOUTH on 17th Avenue between Durston and Oak and back north on 15th Avenue from Oak to Durston and you will experience THE WALL. A manufactured home park that used to be on the outskirts of town now abuts a tony new development of single and multi-family Rocky Mountain (read that “Colorado) chic condos and single-family homes. An eight-foot high wooden fence separates the old from the new. Two worlds kept apart. More than likely one hopes to vanquish the other all in good time.

The blue line marks the way of the new wall

The blue line marks the way of the new wall

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Apr 09

SUPER SIZE ME in the wild

Well worth seeing. On April 8th it came out on YouTube. If you want to see the larger screen version click through to YouTube rather than watching it on Lafondblog.

Mar 09

The windows of downtown Bozeman

NEARLY ALL of the north side of this block of downtown Bozeman is effected.

NEARLY ALL of the north side of this block of downtown Bozeman is affected.

A WARM SATURDAY AFTERNOON and a stroll through a busy downtown Bozeman. One block, just west of Rouse Ave, nearly isn’t there except for some ruins. Downtown Bozeman is back in business but up and down the street are stores with boarded up fronts and signs saying “open for business.” Some of these buildings are more than a block away from the scene above. Click on the photo to see it in full size,

What is worrying is the fate of the building on the far right. See the detail below. It seems intact but clearly there is fire damage inside. See detail below:



Mar 09

Waiting for news …

The news as seen through the keyhole of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle

The news as seen through the keyhole of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle

… about the explosions in the downtowns of Bozeman and Whitehall

I AM AWAITING NEWS ABOUT THE EXPLOSION in downtown Bozeman. I can see the thick column of smoke rising straight up over the empty day care center across the street from my house announcing that something has happened. But I cannot find out what because the newspaper has already been delivered.

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Jan 09

Questions for which there will be no answers

Jean gets a closeup from the "Blue" standing area

Jean gets a closeup from the "Blue" standing area

NOW THAT HE’S GONE, I suppose we can begin reflecting on the eight years during which George W. Bush was our President … of the United States … of America. It really happened, right? All of those images flash by at warp speed. Mission Accomplished. Clearing brush down on the ranch in Crawford, Texas. As I review these things I can’t help but ask myself a very simple question: WHY?

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Dec 08

Christmas 2008

Dylan can crack a bubble out of a piece of Dentine

Dylan can crack a bubble out of a piece of Dentine

HOW ABOUT A SHORT HOLIDAY LETTER. The tone of things gets set in January when Patrick flys to Bozeman, Montana for the first and last job interview of 2008. Montana State University it is and we begin a really complicated move that involves five or six car trips and now, in the waning days of 2008, a U-Haul truck. Three guys and a truck. Dylan, Malcolm and Patrick. In between these bookends we have a story of transition. Wendy performs her usual miracle and manages to get an offer in response to the first resume she sends out. So now she’s working in this drop-dead-gorgeous setting in Gallatin Gateway (named for the debarcation place for train-traveling Yellowstone tourists). A small school with about 20 employees. She’s doing virtually the same thing as in St. Paul. Continue reading “Christmas 2008” »

Nov 08

The future of Sarah Palin?

IN A GRACIOUS, CLASSY and very heartfelt concession speech last night, John McCain seemed to suggest that his time was over and that Sarah Palin’s had just begun. While it was kind of him to talk up his running mate whose ambitions he knew he had to affirm somehow, I don’t agree with him. I think the opposite is the case.

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Oct 08

Obama informercial

I think it’s pretty good. He reprises all of his themes but does it in a way that certainly hits me where I live. 


Check it out.

Sep 08

All the time

FROM OUR ONE-BEDROOM APARTMENT we peer northwest at a sun moving daily southward. Under a rising invisible new moon the lights of Belgrade (Montana) twinkle like Atlantic City seen from the northern end of the Ocean City boardwalk. Layers of cold air settle in from the mountains, no longer held back by the day. The sky goes from blue to orange and green to jet black. Our windows are open and the chill air infiltrates our living room. I feel it flowing over my left elbow but it is deflected somewhat by what is left of this warm late September day.

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