The “great healthcare debacle”

AMONG THE BLUDGEONS employed to pound away at our prospective first female President in U.S. history, the effort by the Clinton Administration of “the last century” to reform the way in which we obtain health insurance. It didn’t work for a number of reasons that had very little to do with Hillary Clinton. Although she

chaired the task force developing the Starr Articleplan, it was driven from the shadows by the President. He knew there would be forces arrayed against the strategy. As Hillary said in her debate with Barack last night, these people spent hundreds of millions of dollars to defeat the plan. If anything, she should know now what is needed to get one side playing against the other and formulate a strategy that represents progress if not revolution. One of my fears is that these people will do to Barack Obama what they did to the Clintons. My guess is the insurance and drug company lobby would like nothing better than an Obama Presidency. More baby lambs on their way to the slaughter.

One of the best minds I know on healthcare is Paul Starr, now a professor at Princeton University. Back in the 80s when I was just beginning my career in nonprofit healthcare, I read Starr’s excellent doctoral dissertation made into a book: The Social Transformation of American Medicine. It is eery the number of things Starr predicted that have come true with a vengance. I doubt even Paul Starr could have predicted just how far things would go.

Starr was involved in Clinton administration efforts to create rational healthcare policy. In this recent article he offered an analysis that is important reading for anyone who sincerely cares about the future of healthcare in the United States.

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