Cabin fever dog

THE SUN IS SHINING. IT’S WARM (29 degrees). The dog is definitely suffering from cabin fever as she has gotten “very bad” lately. Australian Shepherds are, as you know, very intelligent. If they become bored,mischief can ensue. Our dog is solving her boredom problem by rummaging for food. Her capacity to reeeeaaaach back on the kitchen counter is just boggling our minds. Today we return from a meeting. We open the kitchen door and the dog rockets past us in the opposite direction. Not the greeting we expect. We enter the kitchen to find the floor covered with debris. At first we think she has somehow managed to open the cabinet door behind which is the kitchen trash. Truly an impressive feat. Not that. We surmise it’s a bag containing an onion, a slice of bread and we can’t remember what else that was pushed waaaay back on the kitchen counter. No evidence of anything edible (other than the onion which is in pristine condition) can be found. I would love to see the candid camera shot of that operation. Not hard to figure out why she was so eager to get outside.

Who ... moi?

Who … moi?

We conclude we must choose one of two solutions: a) never leave her alone with any food item sitting anywhere on a counter or b) crate her. Some dogs like the crate. Our dog is ok with it when we are traveling. But otherwise she is not a fan. So I think it will be the first. We have a new toddler in the house.

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