Wendy responds to concerned friends

Hi you guys-
thanks for you note, Jean. Yes our family and friends are ok here. My sister-in-law’s mother approached the bridge 10 minutes after it went down, traffic obviously was being re-routed at that point. creepy. 

Letters to the editor, etc. are pouring in about the irony of spending trillions on Iraq invasion and on the local scale the big announcements of a new ballpark for the Mn Twins while inspection reports go unheeded, policy makers keep saying no new taxes. they were literally resurfacing this bridge at the time of the collapse while the decision to add metal plates to the compromised substructure had been postponed because the state dept of trans is basically broke (this according to this morning’s paper).

Of course the DOT spokesperson said they would never base these kinds of decisions on money. an avoidable tragedy makes this seem all the deeper. that’s also how I would describe having this many republicans in office at once.

take care. Love, Wendy

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  1. What a horrible tragedy for your community! I hope your family and friends are all ok.

    We are thinking of you and hope everyone is fine.
    – Jean T.

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