Incremental Terrorism

HI All … Yes, the gov and Norm Coleman showed a unified front even as they spoke in separate news conferences. They even used the identical phrase when speaking of the victims and their families “who were impacted.”

But even more painful than their horrendous choice of language is their insistence on methodically eroding the quality of life in this state (to echo what Patrick said about the neglect, the cuts).  The experts and non-experts on the TV tonight speculated about what might have caused this bridge to land in the river. Metal fatigue was discussed. I thought what a great metaphor for the “vision” that makes these republicans get up in the morning and mouth the things they do.

Terrorism was ruled out early on. (FBI people were on the scene within the first 60 minutes but the TV people said they were just here to help). WelI I don’t think they should dismiss the possibility of terrorism; right now I believe it was caused by a different kind, a sort of incremental terrorism, like metal fatigue. No new taxes, doing less with less. It sure will be interesting to see how the investigation turns out.


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