Primordial oak

It is May. We stop as one. Two humans and an Australian Shepherd. A small forest of oak trees. Adorned in budding bright green. Basking in a rare mist so deep. We watch for dinosaurs peeking through giant ferns. The last sun of the day makes the air around us come alive. One man and a brown dog are dancing on the sloshy grass. Leaping for a treat. The slow steady rain of the day is gone, as though heading back out to sea. And we listen for the sounds of waves breaking on a beach made of railroad cars crashing and slam banging into each other. A few children climb the damp play equipment. Watchful parents ready to dart home with their brood at the last sign of this Monday.

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  1. October 14th, 2008 at 10:04 am56Just finished rieadng Peter Schiff’s Crash Proof book. He recommends gold and dividend paying foreign equity. My comments:Gold: it’s already expensive as people have been rushing to get in. It’s a gamble by itself. Even in case the doomsday scenario plays out and gold goes to $2000, the government might decided to tax your capital gains when you sell it.Foreign equity: might not be a bad idea. You collect a dividend stream in a mix of foreign currencies and are protected against inflation. Ideally you would never need to sell and avoid paying taxes.Schiff is short on details and just promotes his brokerage firm. Did anyone explore these ideas?dblk0: I respect this critique and the general action. Find a credible source, siphon only those ideas that resonate and discard what is faulty or possibly stale.

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