Training service dogs

Note: My sister, Kathleen, is in Massachusetts learning how to train “service dogs.” These are animals trained to work with people with some form of disability. Just this past weekend I saw someone traveling with a “hearing dog.” The animals wear a mighty mouse type banner that tells the world they aren’t mere pets. 

Hi, gang.  Just a quick note because it’s late.  I’ve had a spot of trouble getting on line but my housemate/classmate Jen finally managed to get on the wireless network here on her laptop.

 It’s been great so far.  There are only 2 of us in the program.  Jen is an animal trainer who has worked at several zoos and aquariums training everything from killer whales to raptors.  We’ve been going into prisons the last few days to observe inmates training puppies who are anywhere from 4 months to over a year old.  Some of these guys are doing amazing work with the dogs.  We’ll be visiting a women’s prison in the next day or so.  We also got to observe the latest group of clients meeting their dogs for the first time.  This client group, 4 of them, arrived Sunday and started their training Monday.  We got back from jail in time to see their first meeting. Quite a sight. Three folks in wheelchairs, including a 15year old boy, and an older gent with a crutch parading around with their Labradors practicing heel and sit.  Next week we will travel with one of the clients to a prison where she will meet the inmate who trained her dog.  Bring the

Gotta get up early to hit another prison.  More later.

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