In a bicycle crazy city, taking human-powered vehicles to new heights

IF YOU CLICK on the headline above you will learn more about two people’s fascination with human powered vehicles. In Minnesota it is none too fun to ride to work on two wheels through the muck and the splash and the cold. To say nothing of the danger of not being noticed. This is not the problem for Mary Arneson and Dale Hammerschmidt as they tool along in their brightly colored Velomobiles. They have theree of the cab versions and travel with winter held at least slightly at bay. Not long ago they took their Velomobiles out onto a frozen Lake Calhoun and created such a sensation that one of the local TV stations shot footage of them for their weather forcast. They also got a bit of ink from the Minneapolis Star Tribune when their “Flintstones cars” arrived. To learn more about traveling without aid of gasoline, contact these folks by clicking here.

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