Aug 08

Harvard Square is calling

JUNIOR COLLEGE STUDENTS live a half life. Accelerating into two years the matriculation that takes four for bachelor candidates. Maybe that goes for experiencing life as well. Pack a lot in because in May 1971 it’s all over – that is if graduation is held amid calls for strike, strike, strike.

Being broadcast journalism students we feel this obligation to move beyond keeping students informed about the length of the line at the Food Circus. We have available to us what looks like a studio for a small radio station. One that is seriously overstaffed. On the evening of the so-called Harvard Riots, the room with a single ancient teletype machine, nearly a dozen beat-up manual typewriters and a bunch of scratched up wooden desks that might have been props in a production of The Front Page, the regulars are there in force. Holding their breaths each time the phone rings and it is one of our two reporters on the scene in Harvard Square.

The Harvard Square riot followed a peaceful Moratorium, Oct. 24, 1969

The Harvard Square riot follows a peaceful “Moratorium,” Oct. 24, 1969

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